Wednesday, 28 September 2011

change of scenery!

Good morning lovely bloggers. I am SO sorry for not blogging for ages, so many changes and I am the worlds most lazy blogger.
I will try to update you a little with the world of Sue, not that its exciting, but here goes!
Well.... where do I start?
The Seamstress has moved house and changed a little! Where we were situated on the business park was in a ‘prime location’ and although we had an introductory offer on the rent, it was going to be mighty expensive when the offer expired. So, I went back to the landlord and asked them which of the couple of still vacant units was the least expensive. They had this one (Number 31) which had been empty for some time as it has no parking space directly outside. Basically you have to walk up a path from the car park, but honestly its only about 25 paces! The rent was easily affordable even on the quiet weeks, and this unit has a large window where I have plonked my machines, and now I benefit from having loads of natural light. As I am at the end of the path, I hope to be able to string lights outside into the trees for the Christmas period!
The other change is the demand for my ‘old range’ of textiles. I am repeatedly asked for quilts and cushions, cosies and corsages, so I am slowly introducing some to the shop, as it had gone from totally vintage to being mostly bridal.  So I guess The Seamstress has its very own ‘Vintage at The Seamstress’ range, and I suppose I am a bit of a ‘one-stop anything sewn’ shop!
The other advantage of being on this site is that since I arrived here I have introduced some friends within the local wedding industry to the site too, and they in turn have helped fill the site with like minded small business owners. One of my very good friends runs her wedding cake business from a few doors down and pops up to me every day with samples...not good for the waistline that’s for sure!
I had the pleasure of going over for afternoon tea with Karen of Tilly Rose last week. She is very lovely and has a fabulous barn where she works and holds sewing/crafting workshops. If you are in the Peterborough area,  it is well worth a visit. I am going over for her Secret Tea Party next week, so if you are too, see you there!
Well, I better do some work... I managed to obtain a small fridge yesterday and am hoping to pop to the local co-op and stock up on some ice cream for the next few days as its going to be a scorcher. I for one, will have my chair outside and quilt in the sunshine.
Take care and bye for

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